Reducing spam at Postfix SMTP layer on Debian servers

At this fourth article on the antispam subject, we will go to another layer of defense.

Configuring Postfix SMTP server to help in reducing spam have advantages and imposes some risks.

Stopping spam at SMTP layer has the advantages of reducing server load, server network bandwidth comsumption, and better dealing with botnets of windows machines and open relay servers.

At other side, a sysadmin could exhagerate in some restrictions and then loose some valid messages.

Finding the right balance is the key.

Improving the effectiveness and accuracy of SpamAssassin configuring RBL and WL rule scores on Debian

SpamAssassin effectiveness at non-english language spam may be less than desirable, and when you starting to use bayesian rules, you do not have enough spam and ham specimens for training.
Also, you can understand SpamAssassin as a multilayer protection, and you could configure each level for improving results.
At the side of spammers, you can think as sequential spam waves attacks, each during minutes to hours.

Improving the effectiveness and accuracy of SpamAssassin updating its rules automatically on Debian

One can improve the default effectiveness and accuracy of SpamAssassin on Debian systems by automatically updating its rules from official channel and from suggested channel.

This tutorial will show how to update the rules and include the Sought automatically generated daily rules from messages caught in spam traps.

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Configuring auto-whitelist in SpamAssassin on Debian

SpamAssassin can automatically mantain a MEAN score of e-mail addresses based on ham or spam received.

You can

It is NOT a manual whitelist . It MUST NOT be the only filter you will use.

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